Détendre un peu sa chevelure après la piscine

Marie Grimal was born in 1992 in Amiens. She studied at Beaux Arts in Lyon and at the School of Art and Design in Saint-Etienne. She had the opportunity to participate in several exhibitions: Streep-tease at Somme-Toute (Clermont Ferrand), Jardin d’hiver at Quatre-Vingt-Onze (Paris), Peinture en pâture at Villa Belleville (Paris), Promenade domestique to St-Pierre Church by Corbusier (Firminy), 45 °north 5 °south at the Bernard Ceysson Gallery (Saint-Étienne) and at the Saint-Étienne International Biennial of Design in 2017. She realized several Bel Ordinaire residences at Villa Belleville and at Somme-Toute.